About Us

We offer customized process modeling solutions & services using Honeywell UniSim ® Design, VMG VMGSim™ and Schneider Electric PRO/II® & DYNSIM® platforms

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power Plants
  • Bio-Fuels

Aditionally, we also offer Unisim® Design and training courses to our corporate customers. All our courses are designed specifically towards building an in-house team of highly competent simulation engineers. We offer training courses at 3 levels of modeling and simulation experience. Bronze certification courses are for the beginners; silver certification courses are for the intermediate level modeling engineers; while gold certification courses are offered to the highly experienced modeling engineers.

Mission Statement:
“XDTech will be recognized globally as the preferred vendor for delivering rigorous, high fidelity, and robust process simulation models for the hydrocarbon processing industry. We take pride in the simulation models we build and will always go that extra mile to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.”

Our Vision & Values:
Competitive Advantage
We are in the simulation business to provide the most cost effective process modeling solutions to our customers. We do not believe in the concept of "Low Cost Engineering Centers". We always deliver the most cost effective modeling solutions through high productivity.

Customer Satisfaction:
Most of our final customers are engineers from the Hydrocarbon Processing Industry who have been operating process plants for years. Since all our modelers have similar operating experience, we very well understand our customers’ expectations from a simulation model. We then make every possible effort to surpass those expectations by building high quality process simulation models.

We firmly believe that a simulation model is the reflection of the modeler’s understanding of the process. So, unless a modeler fully understands every single process detail, (s)he can’t build a high quality process simulation model. Our high quality process models give us the competitive advantage and happy customers.

It is our core value. Knowledge gets transformed into quality. Quality leads to customer satisfaction and competitive advantage. That’s the XDTech Advantage.